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Sanford Proud to join The Promise

Sanford Proud to join The Promise

At Sanford, sustainability and transparency is at the heart of everything we do. We're proud to be a part of the Promise to protect New Zealand's most treasured resource, our oceans. Along with New Zealand we vow to protect the environment by agreeing to the code of conduct. Led by Seafood New Zealand, the campaign features staff of the seafood industry, involved in the operation and processing of seafood from the sea to your plate.

The campaign premiered on television on Sunday 2nd July, and will also feature 4 web episodes on the Seafood New Zealand website that share why New Zealand is leading the world in innovation and guardianship with our communities.

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Our Promise in Practice

1.We do not condone illegal behaviour

2.We will work with Government and other interested parties to develop and implement principled and practical policies to ensure our use of fisheries resources is sustainable

3.We will continue to actively minimise the impact of the seafood industry on the marine environment

4.We will continue to invest in science and innovation to enhance fisheries resources and add value

5.We look after our people and treat them fairly

6.We will be accountable for delivering on our Promise and will support increased transparency