Here’s some of the questions that frequently come up.

Do any Sanford products contain additives or preservatives?
Sanford does not add any preservatives, artificial colours or additives whatsoever to any of its products.

Are Sanford products GMO free?
Absolutely. All Sanford products are either caught wild or are sustainably farmed. No GMO feed or materials are used in farming or processing Sanford products.

Are Sanford salmon fed antibiotics?
Sanford does not use any antibiotics in any of our salmon rearing or farming practices. They are also not used in any Greenshell™ Mussel farming.

What food safety standards does Sanford adhere to?
All Sanford products are processed and packed in facilities operating under Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) approved Risk Management Programs (RMPs). MPI regularly audits our factories and vessels to ensure compliance with New Zealand food safety regulations and market access requirements. We regularly complete microbiological food safety testing on our products using MPI approved testing laboratories.

What quality systems does Sanford have in place?
Sanford has a documented quality management system that consists of a number of independent checks on product quality throughout the fishing, processing and packing stages of production. This includes physical and sensory checks on finished products. All of our food contact packaging meets NZ, EU and FDA food safety requirements.

What monitoring systems are in place for Sanford Greenshell™ Mussel farming?
The waters of our GSM farming areas are continually monitored for marine biotoxins. The monitoring programs are strictly regulated by MPI.

Can Sanford track products back to their exact source?
Yes. We can trace any pack of GSM back to the farm it was harvested from and to the exact date of harvest. We can also track our fish back to the vessel, voyage, date of processing and area where it was caught.